BREAKSIT - Bone REpair Assessment with K-edge Spectral Imaging Technique

The aim of the BREAKSIT project is to design novel innovative calcium phosphate cements (CPCs) suitable for SPCCT-imaging and demonstrate for the first time the unique advantages of SPCCT for bone surgery, when compared to the conventional Computed Tomography technique. The project brings together the expertise of two networks: Graftys, a company that has already developed improved CPCs for spine indications, and MATHYM, a company working on rare earth-based contrast agents for SPCCT imaging.

The project has three main scientific goals:

- Design an optimized injectable CPC formulation that can be easily visualized by SPCCT in vivo. This involves developing a CPC composition that is compatible with SPCCT imaging, allowing for accurate visualization of the cement in the body.

- Conduct a proof-of-concept preclinical study to demonstrate that SPCCT can accurately monitor the replacement of the implanted CPC by natural bone. This step aims to validate the effectiveness of SPCCT in tracking the progress of bone regeneration and ensuring successful integration of the CPCs.

- Design a SPCCT-detectable CPC that can track the inflammatory process occurring during bone repair. This involves creating a CPC formulation that allows for the visualization of inflammation and provides valuable insights into the healing process.

Overall, the BREAKSIT project aims to leverage the capabilities of SPCCT imaging to enhance the development and monitoring of CPCs for bone surgery, potentially opening up new market opportunities for the companies involved.

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