MSc, research engineer at CREATIS

Angèle Houmeau is a research engineer at CREATIS. Graduating from INSA Lyon in 2020 with a specialization in electrical engineering, she has brought a solid academic background to the SPCCT team since joining in June 2022.

Angèle is in charge of managing the SPCCT system, providing essential support to investigators and the R&D team. Her main responsibilities include coordinating preclinical and clinical projects, supervising data acquisition, image reconstruction and image processing.

Angèle's technical skills extend to providing valuable support for system configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance. Her meticulous approach ensures optimum performance and overcomes any technical challenges that may arise. In addition, she provides detailed reports on project progress and results, ensuring effective communication within the team.

Thanks to her dedication and expertise, Angèle plays an essential role in the success of the SPCCT project, contributing to its ultimate goal of advancing medical imaging technology.

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