MD, PhD, Assistant Professor at Hospices Civils de Lyon

Salim Si-Mohamed is currently assistant professor at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in medical imaging. He is a practicing radiologist working in the imaging department of the cardiovascular and thoracic Louis Pradel hospital in Lyon. He is specialized in diagnostic and interventional imaging of cardiovascular and chest diseases, working mainly with CT technology. His experimental research focuses on the development of spectral photon-counting CT and dual-energy CT systems, in combination with the use of novel contrast agents, for cardiovascular and also oncologic imaging applications. Related areas of interest are novel computed tomography-based imaging methods, such as iterative image reconstruction or ultra-low dose protocols.

Salim Si-Mohamed has graduated his MD in 2016 and his PhD in 2020. The subject of his PhD was the cardiovascular applications of the spectral photon-counting CT technology. During his PhD, he has signed more than 35 publications focusing on the spectral CT imaging in the experimental and clinical field, and his main contribution has been to demonstrate the feasibility of the K-edge imaging for atherosclerotic imaging. He has also co-signed book chapters with respect to the potential clinical applications of spectral photon-counting CT technology.

He is currently working on a clinical prototype spectral photon-counting CT system for pushing towards the limits of the standard Computed Tomography field, both on experimental and clinical fields.

Along his research, Salim Si-Mohamed is a member of several national and international research consortium gathering academic, university and industrial partners in which he has built different multidisciplinary collaborations.

He is also teaching the basic principles, technics and applications of Spectral CT in the BME-Paris Master (Paris Université). He is also supervising MSc and PhD students, working on the experimental and clinical field of Spectral CT.

He has been invited to relate his SPCCT experience in different institutions and seminars (Dr Cormode's group at Upenn medicine, SPH Cardiovascular Imaging Seminar led by Jonathon Leipsic in 2021, Euro-Bioimaging ERIC consortium in 2021) and has presented his research in many international congress (Journées Francaises de la Radiologie, Radiological Society North America congress, European Congress of Radiology, CERN in Geneva).

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