Antoine ROBERT

Antoine ROBERT

PhD, post-doctoral researcher, CREATIS

Antoine Robert is a post-doctoral researcher. He graduated from CPE Lyon, the Graduate School of Chemistry, Physics, and Electronics in Lyon, where he specialized in computer science, image, and modeling, with a further specialization in image processing. He also pursued a research master's program in medical imaging alongside his third year of engineering school, earning a dual degree.

His professional experience includes a final internship at the CREATIS laboratory, located at the Centre Léon Berard, under the supervision of Dr. Simon Rit and Dr. David Sarut, focusing on respiratory motion correction in Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). He continued this work through a CIFRE doctoral thesis, in collaboration with KITWARE, successfully defending it in March 2022.

Following his thesis, Antoine remained at the CREATIS laboratory for a one-year post-doctoral position, focusing on a more mathematical topic: exponential data consistency conditions for motion detection and recognition in SPECT. He then worked at ACTEON on dental applications of CON-BEAM CT, with a primary mission to enhance image quality.

Currently, Antoine works as a post-doctoral researcher within the SPCCT cross-sectional team at CREATIS laboratory, working on the ERC project "Kolor SPCCT Imaging". His responsibilities include one-step reconstruction, image quality enhancement, and machine learning, as well as coordinating research activities for the ERC project. Antoine is also actively involved in teaching activities at CPE Lyon, where he instructs courses on tomography. His combined expertise in computer science, medical imaging, and mathematics makes him a valuable asset to the SPCCT research team.

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