MD, PhD, Professor at Hospices Civils de Lyon

Professor Loïc Boussel is a radiologist, head of the Imaging Department at the Centre Hospitalier de la Croix-Rosse (GHN) since September 2011, and University Professor - Hospital Practitioner at the HCL (Hospices Civils de Lyon) since September 2013.  He is affiliated with the laboratory CREATIS and assumes responsibility as deputy head of Team 1. An expert in radiodiagnostics and medical imaging, he defended his medical PhD thesis in 2003, then his university PhD thesis in medical imaging in 2007, with honors.

With many years of solid experience, Professor Loïc Boussel has made significant contributions to the field, as evidenced by his numerous publications, which exceed 70. His research and clinical work have advanced the understanding and application of medical imaging techniques. In addition to his research and clinical work, he remains actively involved in teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and the Engineering School. He also regularly participates in workshops and training programs, sharing his knowledge and expertise with students and professionals alike.

As a prominent member of the SPCCT project team, Professor Loïc Boussel brings invaluable expertise and vision to the project's success.

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