Vivo coronary stent assessment with SPCCT

Vivo coronary stent assessment with SPCCT

The first ever results of in vivo coronary stent assessment with SPCCT are now out! Check this worldwide premiere at : https://journals.lww.com/investigativeradiology/Abstract/9000/First_In_Human_Results_of_Comput ed_Tomography.98658.aspx

Our investigations showed that with SPCCT there are less artifacts inside the coronary stents and the thickness of the struts is closer to reality as directly compared to a CT equipped with energy- integrating detectors. Our results also highlighted how the structure of the stents, the calcifications next to it and the walls of the coronary arteries are better visualized with SPCCT.

What better than looking yourself at our figures and being carried away by the astonishing quality of SPCCT images?

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